Success Stories
CloudPerceptions' Engineering Teams Deliver Rock-Solid Solutions for Your Cloud Deployments

Kubernetes Cluster As a Service over OpenStack

"In this proof-of-concept, our customer wanted to begin the investigation of containers and leverage their gaining popularity to offer Container As A Service (CaaS) in their OpenStack Liberty environment. Unfortunately, our customer's requirements could only be met with the Mitaka release of Magnum. With a deep background in both OpenStack and Kubernetes, CloudPerceptions was a natural selection for them. Working with customer, our diversely skilled team of engineers proposed a simple solution to turn Mitaka release of Magnum as a microservice running on top of OpenStack Liberty. Utilizing such an approach, we were able to provide a container cluster orchestrated by Kubernetes on a Liberty-based OpenStack cloud, yet leverage the new features of Magnum in the Mitaka release without disrupting their Liberty environment."

IPv6 Enablement in OpenStack Cloud

Since implementing a proof-of-concept to enable IPv6 using the OpenStack Grizzly release, long before before any IPv6 feature was even planned upstream in the community, our passion for a fully-functional, production-ready OpenStack IPv6 system has never been satisfied. Armed with well-known expertise and reputation in this area, we were fortunate enough to receive invitation from a customer to fulfill our dream of allowing tenant to embrace IPv6 for their business needs. Our journey started with requirements collection and proposed design by working very closely with the customer’s architecture teams. The code we developed was thoroughly tested, utilizing both unit tests and large-scale testing in an environment driven by the customer’s Q/A teams before finally rolling out to production. The excellent quality of the work delivered by our engineering teams was recognized by the grant of annual support contract with signed SLA. During the support agreement, there were no issues related to our IPv6 design for our customer.

Self-Healing OpenStack Control Plane with Kubernetes

This is an interesting story, one that we at CloudPerceptions had been thinking about since the end of 2015. Across our team, collectively we have performed 100+ OpenStack deployments, beginning back as early as the Folsom release of OpenStack. We know too well the pain of deployment and configuration, whether it was manual or with the use of automation. We thought, “there must be a better way!!”. About that same time, we heard of a great new container orchestrator call Kubernetes. We’d already long known about containers, but an orchestrator added a unique dimension to managing applications. So, we began to think, “What if we could orchestrate the startup of OpenStack?”, and “What if we could make it repeatable?”. This natural curiosity drove our engineering teams to implement a fully clustered, highly-available, self-healing OpenStack control plane using Kubernetes and Docker images that we created from a standard OpenStack release (Liberty in this case). The outcome of this effort was a showcase at the OpenStack Summit in Austin demonstrating not only the speed of bringing up the fully-clustered, highly-available control plane (5 minutes), but also its self-healing characteristics.

We are very intrigued about the possibilities of containers and container orchestration. The experience and confidence we’ve gained has made us very excited about the possibilities of combining the power of both containers and virtual machines to revolutionize enterprise clouds.

OVS Performance Benchmarking and Risk Analysis in OpenStack Cloud

Knowing the performance of your cloud networking is imperative to operating a successful cloud. When some of our customer's tenants were experiencing packet forwarding issues within their private networking space, they engaged CloudPerceptions to perform a deep analysis of the behavior. Our teams were tapped to investigate the forwarding rates that could be achieved across OVS using their specific hardware platforms. CloudPerceptions built up the testbed, defined the test suites, executed the suites, analyzed the results and provided a final report on our findings. In our customer's case, our engineering staff was able to:

  • Determine a maximum packet rate which can be sustained by OVS on a host, while still providing sufficient computing resources to the guests
  • Define an acceptable set of packet rates that can be associated to Nova Flavors, whereby the identified packet rates are of a sufficient scale such that they are consistent with the other resources of the Nova Flavor
  • Quantify the incremental impacts of adding additional virtual machines
  • Report on observations that related to OVS MAC address table size, MAC address flooding indirect impacts, impacts on other guests in the same network, and where packet loss might occur (e.g., tap, qvo, qvb, qbr, etc.)

QoS and traffic control in OpenStack POC

Every OpenStack cloud would look the same if the service provider didn’t have anything to stand out. Our customers fully understood this and the tiered support of QoS was the key differentiator. However, there are many places a single flow can be matched and policy can be enforced in any cloud. There is no exception for OpenStack. To make matters worse, how to automate the entire process to reduce the burden on already overwhelmed Ops team must be taken into the consideration. The challenge was surely tremendous; however, for CloudPerceptions, this was not insurmountable challenge. Leveraging our deep understanding of Neutron networking, our proposed design was considered an appropriate fit to fill customer’s strict requirements.

Triangle Kubernetes and OpenShift Meetup

CloudPerceptions CEO and CTO are proud co-founders of the Triangle Area’s Meetup discussing all-things Kubernetes, including RedHat’s OpenShift. With over 350+ members since inception in 2016, our Meetup has a very popular following as containers and container orchestration gain more traction with the shift away from monolithic applications to ones that are based on well choreographed microservices. At CloudPerceptions, we are very excited about these new cloud technologies, and strive to provide informative content, hands-on workshops, and draw in top-shelf advocates from companies like RedHat, Google, Nuage Networks, WeaveWorks, Cisco, and NetApp.